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"Hand Crafted Thai Cuisine"


Recipe's Page is still under construction. All deliveries come with a printed recipe card

Our Story

 When you sit down to write something like this, it's very hard to decide how much to include or not to include. When Nok and I sat down to write "Our Story", we thought how can we possibly get people to understand when they look at a frozen bag of say Green Curry or a bag of curry puffs on a computer screen, and understand how much love and devotion has gone into this product and that it is the culmination of 30 years of work and dedication. We know that as soon as you try our products that it would automatically become obvious through the touch, smell and taste. But in this new covid-19 normal of selling online that is not possible, so we tried to give you a good look into where we started and how we got to today, we hope you enjoy the (long) snap shot of our story.​

Tarlart Thai in English translates to Thai Market, we chose this name as the beginnings of this current business model began at the fantastic and very close to our hearts "Newcastle Farmers Market" (Our chance to give them a plug) They are on every Sunday rain, hail or shine at The Newcastle Show Ground.


We have to venture back over 30 years ago when Peter opened his first Thai restaurant in Newcastle NSW in a qaint Terrece house on Darby St. Where people would line up down the street & wait for hours to taste his amazing style of Thai cuisine. (You will notice a theme here with our names for our business's) This first restaurant was called AL-OI Thai which in English translated to Delicious


The Path:

As a young man after working at American Express Head Office in Sydney looking after Restaurants in Australia, the South Pacific and South East Asia, after understanding the ‘real deal’ behind many different cuisines, Peter knew immediately he had a very strange and strong attraction towards Thai Cuisine, Thailand and Thai Culture.

With this strong yearning to learn about Buddhism and the Thai Culture, left Australia for Thailand. On arriving in Thailand Peter headed to various provinces to meet the people and begin his learning curve. Peter first started working with street vendors learning the basics of Thai food at the same time being blessed with the ability to ‘pick up’ the Thai language very quickly. From food vendors, Peter then worked in 6 varying types of Thai Restaurants, (seafood – northern Thai – Laos ) then progressing to work in the kitchens of 3 Five Star Kitchens where he worked with the best Thai Chef’s in the nation – one in particular was a favourite chef of the King Rama 9, whom the King called on at times to prepare his special dishes for him. Peter was also called upon on numerous occasions to design and cater for members of the Royal Family.

At this time Peter became known as the “white Thai” as he could speak and understand the Thai Language fluently.

Peter then came back to Newcastle with a view to opening one of the first Thai Restaurants in Newcastle – this became fact when Peter officially opened the AL-OI Thai Restaurant in Darby Street, Cooks Hill in 1991.

The restaurant opened to RAVE reviews in both print and radio media and also saw Peter appear on the Morning Show cooking live on TV. With crowds continual lining down Darby Street night after night, the second AL-OI Thai was opened in Bolton Street Newcastle.

Then came one of the FLAG ships in the AL-OI Thai dynasty – A magnificently designed and fitted out in the old Siam Sukho Thai Style, a 200 seat restaurant was opened in Beaumont Street, Hamilton. Attached to the front of this restaurant was the first and only specific Thai Noodle Bar in Australia at the time.

The Noodle Bar was also another first for Newcastle as it included ‘community dining’ taking place around a specially designed and hand crafted Thai wood community dining table which sat 30 people.

During the first 18 months of Al-OI Thai trading, Peter and his team had become known as masters of their trade and as a tribute to their hard work, many awards a accolades began to roll in as well as many offers to open Al-OI Thai restaurants in numerous locations as a Franchise.

After much deliberation, Peter agreed to Franchise the AL-OI business model and soon to follow was an AL-OI Thai Restaurant in Nelson Bay and at Terigal on the Central Coast.

Both restaurants were designed and fitted out to the highest standards and seated over 120 customers in each Restaurant.

As the AL-OI brand expanded, Peter ensured that there was NO loss of quality or service and the accolades and awards continued to be received and the offers kept coming in.

The University of Newcastle requested that Al-OI tender for their very first outside caterer to operate in their facilities. After a full public tender process, Al-OI Thai was chosen out of over 100 applicants (including many large National Chains).

This was a massive achievement and again another first for Peter and the AL-OI Thai Brand.

During the time of operating, Peter regularly visited Thailand to catch up on any new exciting flavours, dishes etc. Whilst working alongside very professional Thai Chefs.

During this period of time AL-OI Thai won the Best Asian Restaurant (this included all Asian Cuisines not just Thai) at the prestigious Restaurant and Catering Awards for five (5) years running and also received an award in the Hunter Regions Fastest Growing Companies being named in the TOP 10 fastest growing companies.

To this day, now 30 years on, people when they see Peter at the Farmers Markets and other events working under the Tarlart Thai name, still come up and introduce themselves as being past customers of the AL-OI Thai Restaurants and are very excited to see Peter back in the ‘Thai Food’ game in Australia.

In 2001 Peter was made an offer to sell the AL-OI Thai Restaurants, which he accepted and then returned to Thailand where he opened the Office Bar and Grill (which was the largest and most popular expat Bar and Grill in Bangkok), providing amazing Thai and international cuisine. One year after opening the Office Bar and Grill, Peter formed a syndicate which purchased one of the largest Thai Private Clubs in Bangkok – called the Violin. The Violin was a member only Club that consisted of a premises that had 19 Karaoke Rooms, one of the finest Thai Dining venues in Bangkok with a kitchen staff of over 40 people, employing 2 of the top 10 Chefs in Thailand at the time.

Membership of the Violin was over 5000 members – over 90% being very wealthy Thai businessmen who loved to entertain their international guests.

As the children were getting a little older, Peter and Nok made the decision to sell up in Bangkok and return to Australia for the their higher education.

However, the food bug did not go away. After months of deliberation and knowing that the people of Newcastle were missing out on not being able to have a ‘TRUE THAI’ cuisine experience so the beginnings of:

TARLART THAI "Hand Crafted Thai Cuisine"

Tarlart Thai began operating from the Newcastle Farmers Markets in 2012 very successfully, with many regular customers, many of who had been asking them to produce their sauces in a concentrated form, so they could enjoy them at home whenever they desired.

As previously mentioned, Peter & Nok have always been at the forefront of Thai Food both in Australia and Thailand and indeed their ideas and ways of having this wonderful cuisine made available to the people.

This time was NO exception; Peter and Nok spent many hundreds of hours and lots of investment of thought power and money to find a way to produce their extremely high quality Thai Entree's, Sauces and soups and curries into "Take Home Packs" so that they could be produced in a way that did not effect the flavour, but could be snap frozen and or be shelf stable (For the stir fry sauces), so they could be sold and kept at home and be enjoyed by their customers at anytime. However Peter and Nok had a very stringent set of guidelines that their Tarlart Thai "Hand Crafted Thai Cuisine" Take Home Packs would have to be: preservative free, have no added artificial flavours, colouring or MSG and where ever possible contained in environmentally friendly or sustainable packaging

But Peter & Nok also wanted people to enjoy the process of having some involvement in the cooking process, and the best way to do that was for Tarlart Thai to ensure the "True Thai" taste and for the customer (Home Chef) to add their favourite protein, seafood or vegetables, that way there would be no wastage and the customer gets to eat a spectacular "Hand Crafted Thai Cuisine" meal that they have designed, and will always come out tasting perfect every-time no matter what ingredients they add.

So Tarlart Thai continued to grow and expand with customers loving the idea of being able to produce better then restaurant quality Thai meals (At an affordable price) in the privacy of their own homes and share this amazing cuisine with friends and family, The product continued to be sold at the Newcastle Farmers Market and also the Beaches Market on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Like everyone in business and indeed life certain things come up which alter our trajectory or plans for one of a better word, and the Maddison family as a family run business is NO stranger to this and have certainly suffered more then our fair share of setbacks and heartaches:


In reality I don't think anyone could have predicted what has happened to let's call it our GLOBAL family in 2020. WOW what a year, and our thoughts and prayers go out to you all. I am sure there is not one person left on the planet that did not have to make an adjustment or sacrifice during 2020, and Tarlart Thai was no different.

The New Covid 19 Normal:

So we as a business had to AGAIN, adjust, adapt and find new ways to exist in this current life we live in called the new covid-19 normal. In this current Global Pandemic climate with Covid -19 and with the massive change to the hospitality, dinning and indeed entire way we all socialise –

Peter and Nok made the decision to take the restaurant to the people and make Tarlart Thai "Hand Crafted Thai Cuisine" products available to the people through this new medium (For Us) of selling on-line.

What we call taking the restaurant to the people, by having a large range (please see menu) of entree's, sauces, soups & curries of better then Restaurant Quality "Hand Crafted Thai Cuisine" that can be enjoyed in the comfort and safety of your own home at very reasonable prices. With the added knowledge that all of our products ar produced in a covid-19 safe way.

As Tarlart Thai means Thai Market in the Thai Language – so AGAIN, BEING THE FIRST OF A KIND, Peter & Nok are very excited about this next chapter of providing as many people as possible to have the chance to enjoy Tarlart Thai "Hand Crafted Thai Cuisine" via the internet.

Please note that we have recently changed our name to Aharn Thai which was also one of our previous restaurants name. The name Aharn Thai literally translates to "Thai Food" we decided to go back to using the name Aharn Thai as we felt with now online sales and direct sales to restaurants, pubs and clubs being the majority of our business that it better represents who and what we are. Where as Tarlert Thai literally translates to Thai Market, which was fine when we were mainly concentrating on the various farmers markets and events, however feel that as we have expanded and grown our business that we are now looking forward to when ever you think of Thai Food, you think of Aharn Thai Newcastle and jump on the phone or online and place an order of our amazing "Hand Crafted Thai Cuisine"

We are very lucky to have three very understanding and beautiful children (2 now young adults, aged 22, 19 and 10 years of age at writing this in 2020) in our lives who are our inspiration, behind everything, we do and "Our Story" would not be possible at all without the love, devotion and sacrifice our children have also given to our family business whether it be getting up at 4am to get to the markets or the endless hours of standing stirring large batches of curries and sauces, or just picking all the leaves off countless bunches of coriander and mint, to being professional sales staff in their very young years to our youngest son sleeping under the back table at markets, many years back now. It is for this reason that we do what we do, so both Nok and I dedicate Aharn Thai to our 3 wonderful children, Pemi, Jenni & AJ, and trust that all their dreams and desires come true. 

Stall @ Farmers Market 2012

Stall @ Farmers Market 2012

Stall @ Farmers Market 2012

Mamgo Sticky Rice Tasters 2012





How We Started

 As mentioned above Tarlart Thai is the culmination of a life time in the Thai Food industry for Peter and Nok. They strived to find a way to enable as many people as possible to enjoy this most amazing of cuisines from Thailand, which they have the chance to enjoy everyday. To be honest they used to discuss it during meals and constantly "Think how do we give everyone the chance to indulge in this beautiful cuisine, but also in a way they get the aroma, and what Peter & Nok describe as the "True Thai" taste yet let the person still decide on what  protein, seafood or vegetables that they enjoyed, NOT what a restaurant was telling them it had to be served with" SO Tarlart Thai was born. 

How Do We Do It

We work extremely hard at what we do, we also have an emense amount of respect, love and passion for the art of Thai food. To produce real Thai food it is very much a journey. It takes years to learn and understand how the macro nutrients of certain herbs and spice's react when combined together and how the cooking temperature can effect these herbs and spices. We utilise our combined 60 years of experience in Thailand and Thai food, and our love for this cuisine, we then create our products in a Newcastle City Council approved commercial kitchen. (Following all the NEW Covid -19 safe procedures). We take the best of the ancient East and combine it with the modern Technologies of the West including sustainable packaging where at all possible. So you can sit back & enjoy a spectacular Thai meal in the comfort, privacy and now indeed safety (With Covid-19) of your own home anytime you please.